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  • cat herpes risk

    If you have heard of herpes, you likely know that it is a permanent condition, a virus that can cause painful blisters. Cats don’t have to worry about the same type of herpes that you might be concerned with; however, feline herpes comes with its own set of challenges. Could your cat be at risk for this condition?

    What Is Feline Herpes?

    Feline herpes is a virus that affects the upper respiratory system. It is not a sexually transmitted disease in cats. Feline herpes is comparable to the human version of the flu.

    How Do I Know My Cat Has Herpes?

    Symptoms of herpes in cats are commonly associated with a cold or flu. Look for a fever, coughing, and sneezing. Your cat may experience a runny nose or signs of conjunctivitis. You can also tell that your cat is sick because they are drooling more than usual.

    How Do Cats Get Feline Herpes?

    Your cat most likely got feline herpes by interacting with other cats who have it. The virus is carried through saliva, and even sneezing can pass it along. You can also pass the disease to your cat if you have been petting another cat with the condition.

    What Should I Do If I Notice Signs of Feline Herpes?

    Call your veterinarian right away if you believe that your cat has herpes. While the condition is rarely fatal in healthy cats, kittens and senior cats will have difficulties and possibly complications. This is especially the case if the condition worsens, which can lead to eye infections, which can lead to loss of vision. This can even require surgery.

    If your cat is diagnosed with feline herpes by the veterinarian, you may need to give your cat some antiviral medications. Lysine is a good supplement to prevent herpes from developing as well. In the case that an infection does develop, you may also need to give your cat some antibiotics as well.

    Still have questions about feline herpes or other health conditions your cat may be dealing with? Contact us to learn more.